Die Diskussionen beginnen mit den Geschäftsbeziehungen, die der Großvater von G.B., Prescott Bush zu H.-Deutschland unterhielt, setzen sich fort mit Beschreibungen über die Weiterverwendung von NS-Kriegsverbrechern beim CIA und reichen bis zu scharfer Kritik über die Zustände in in Abu Ghraib.
Sogar im mächtigen Think Thank AEI ging Danielle Pletka in einem Artikel (Feb. 2005) mit der aussagekräftigen Überschrift: „Europe is starting to dance to the Bush tune“ ganz kurz ein auf dieses Thema:

„…But, even where there is serious backstage bickering, there are also serious efforts to limit damage. Washington’s table manners appear to have improved. Gratuitous jibes have been replaced by diplomatic niceties. For the second Bush term, some of the personnel will change, and it is clear most of the new team will be less ready to fight. In return, European officials will grit their teeth and continue to hold off on the cowboy quips and Hitler similes. …“

Hier eine sehr gute Veröffentlichung von Rainer Rilling über das „American Empire.“

Prof. Dr. Rainer Rilling, Jg. 1945, ist Hochschullehrer für Soziologie an der Universität Marburg und arbeitet im Bereich Politikanalyse der Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung. Details: Aktueller Arbeitsschwerpunkt: Internationale Beziehungen, USA, Eigentumstheorie.


On election day American people voted overwhelmingly for change. We are thrilled to congratulate Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Harry Reid and we fully support Pelosi’s 100-hour agenda.

But Speaker Pelosi says impeachment is „off the table.“ How can we let George Bush and Dick Cheney get away with the Constitutional crimes they have committed – and continue to commit?

How can there be real change when Bush and Cheney insist on occupying Iraq forever at incalculable cost to human life and national debt?

And how can there be real change when Bush and Cheney insist the „War on Terror“ gives them the power to invade Iran whenever they please?

And how can there be real change when Bush and Cheney break the law every day through torture and warrantless wiretaps?

And how can there be real change when Bush and Cheney nullify every law they don’t like with signing statements?

On Saturday, and our progressive allies will launch a nationwide grassroots mobilization for impeachment in Philadelphia near Independence Hall, where the Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787. The mobilization is called ImpeachForChange. Our goals include:

  1. A grassroots petition drive to collect 1 million signatures at
  2. Form Impeachment Committees in all 435 Congressional Districts to lobby every Member of Congress by:
    delivering books & videos on impeachment
    collecting petitions and handwritten letters in front of their District Offices
    meeting with every Member to discuss the issues that require impeachment
  3. Expand our Citizens Impeachment Commission to add prominent citizens, celebrities and bloggers
  4. 12/10 Bush v. Gore Day:
    Hold Town Hall Meetings on impeachment around the country with Citizens Impeachment Commission speakers
  5. 12/15-17 Bill of Rights Weekend:
    Collect petitions and handwritten letters at malls, libraries, post offices, and door-to-door
    Sell pocket Constitutions, bumper stickers, books, videos
  6. 2007: Pass Impeachment bills in state legislatures

More details:


Sept. 17, 1787, U.S. Constitution Signed at Independence Hall
Dec. 15, 1791, Bill of Rights Ratified
Oct. 17, 2006, Military Commissions Act Signed
Nov. 11, 2006, Movement to Impeach Bush and Cheney Announced

Speakers: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Blogger Panel: 2:00 -3:00 p.m.

WHERE: Kirby Auditorium in the National Constitution Center on Independence Mall (across from Independence Hall), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Directions)

Tickets must be purchased in advance

More details:


First 100 Days: What Changes Should Democrats Make?

On Election Day, the American people voted overwhelmingly for change.
Nancy Pelosi has a plan for the first 100 hours. Let’s think bigger:
What should Democrats do in the first 100 days?

Vote for up to 20 choices here:

Results here:
Discuss here:


Transform Political Yard Signs into Impeach Signs

Are there lots of obsolete campaign signs littering your neighborhood? Recycle them!

Plan a sign-painting party to transform those signs into patriotic messages for regime change at home that you can put up all around town. Imagine a thousand signs around your city with such messages as „IMPEACH“ in giant letters. Or make a series of them with a single word on each: „Lying“ „Spying“ „Torture“ „IMPEACH!“ and plant them in a row along a busy street.

More on how to make impeachment signs out of election signs:


Glen Ford, who for years edited the brilliant and informative, has launched a new publication: The Black Agenda Report. Already the Black Agenda Report is becoming an invaluable resource for progressives and activists. The cover story in the November 8th issue has a working headline of „Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!“ We can expect the same insight and experience to be brought to that issue that was brought to so many political issues over the years by the Black Commentator. Get to know this new publication: